About Us

About Us
Dongguan Delishi Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong based "King View Engineering Co.,Ltd." The company was established in 1997. Through more than 10 years of experience in Hydraulic presses manufacturing and sales of DELISHI brand hydraulic presses. The company has developed series of products in more than 100 kinds. Our hydraulic presses basically including "Two Colum Type", "Four Colum Type", "frame Type" and "C Type" etc. However, we can also tailor-made according to the customer's requirement with a capacity from 1 ton up to 3000 tons. Most components u ...
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Which company is good for servo hydraulic presses?


Which company is good for servo hydraulic presses?

Servo hydraulic press is a hydraulic press that uses liquid as the medium, driven by a servo motor, ...